Wardrobe Essentials: The Driving Moc

You wake up to a day that is going to involve a lot of getting in and out of the car and walking around or you know you'll be hitting the gym followed by work, then happy hour, maybe a cigar with the guys. Obviously its your preference what you'd want to wear on your feet, but if you want to be comfortable while maintaining a level of classy casualness, you need some leather driving mocs.
Casual or dressy? Its really your choice with driving mocs.
These versatile loafers can be worn with shorts and linen shirt to a beachy event, with jeans and a tee for a casual walk around, or to dress down a suit. Simply put, you can wear them in just about any setting and be suitably dressed for the situation, not to mention that they tend to be as comfortable as your favorite pair of gym shoes.

When looking for a pair, you'll want to opt for leather in a classic shade, so if you took my advice for the black dress loafers then go for a dark brown or if you're really radical, white. Either way, don't get that funky new color, save that for the boat shoes! Here are some options to get you started:
Ferragamo: $540
Cole Haan: $168
Banana Republic: $118
Just from the selection, you'll notice that drivers come in plenty of varieties and colors, so happy hunting! Check in tomorrow for some threads that beg your consideration and next Wednesday for more wardrobe essentials!