Wardrobe Essentials: Sharkskin Grey Wins the Day

Most men aren't the type that go suit shopping often or are even in the market for one every two or three years. So if you were to pick a a single suit style (aka a wardrobe staple) what would it be? Many would opt for the black suit, a traditional go to but lacking in the creativity department (see my piece on black neck wear).

If Don Draper has one, so should you.
What you should be investing in is a grey sharkskin suit, still holding all the functionality of a black suit while saying "I know what I'm doing";this suit spans the wearability spectrum in every way. Want to wear it to work? Check! You can also rock it casually for a night out. Weddings, charity events, whatever the situation, this suit will deliver because grey is such a versatile neutral in your closet.

Same rule applies to James Bond.
To keep it timeless and relevant in your closet, the lapel should be narrow and notched with semi-modern tailoring. I only say semi-modern because toady's suits tend to have no break on the pants, practically showing the ankle, and the jackets are shorter, covering less of your ass and crotch. Opt for that harmonic medium of classic and modern and you'll have a suit that will prosper in your closet for years to come.

A few options:
Hickey Freeman: $1,495
Suit Supply: $469
Check in tomorrow for a situationally stylish get up and next Wednesday for more essential pieces!