Tech Tuesday: Right Place, Right Time

For some, staying put is the norm and changing time zones is something saved for the occasional getaway. For the rest of you, the frequent fliers and business travelers alike, you know the annoyance of constantly resetting your watch every time you stop in a new city. Thanks to some breakthrough technology, serious ingenuity, and I'm sure some moaning and groaning about the problem have pushed Seiko to produce a first of its kind watch.

The breakthrough technology being the introduction of low-power usage instruments that can put otherwise energy-sapping technology into everyday devices, in this instance, a watch. The ingenuity comes through in the use of that low-power usage element in an on board GPS that would allow for the watch to update to different time zones while also using the GPS to constantly sync with atomic clocks in the satellites it communicates with.

Seiko calls this revolutionary and beautiful timepiece the Astron GPS Solar and is a part of their New Design Serious inspired simply by the Earth's stratosphere. The curved, spherical surface creates a stunningly seamless appearance that echoes the facade of our Earth through space. Currently the series features silicon and leather straps, both equally stylish, but if its not your thing, definitely look out for metal bands that are sure to pop up in this exciting line of watches.

Check in tomorrow for some threads that need to be in your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!