Thursday Threads: Wedding Time

This may be the time where most of you have either already been or are about to be invited to a friend or family member's wedding; it happened to me last weekend, it'll be coming your way soon enough. Going out on a limb, I would guess by now you either own a single suit or, of the many that you do own, have a go to that you feel great in.

Whatever that suit may be, just keep it simple. The peacock that should be attending this wedding is the bride; it is her day to shine, so don't wear anything that will take away from her. Most men (from experience) opt for black suits which is safe, but this isn't a funeral and unless its strict black tie, not a necessity. You also have to consider the location and the crowd that will be attending the ceremony, for instance, you wouldn't wear a three-piece suit to a beach wedding much like you wouldn't wear Tommy Bahama to a Nantucket occasion.

In any case, its definitely a lot to think about so here's my input on the situation:

  • Winter Wedding
    • Wool suit (preferably three-piece to layer up)
    • Wool tie
    • Darker tones. Heavier plaids.
  • Spring Wedding
    • Cotton suit
    • Linen tie
    • Pastels and florals abound. Stripes and solids.
  • Summer Wedding
    • Linen sport coat, cotton chinos
    • Chambray tie
    • Warmth in colors, not fabric. Solids.
  • Fall Wedding
    • Return of the wool suit
    • Plaid tie
    • Mix up the warm and cool tones. Pattern free-for-all, just don't clash.
With all of these, I highly recommend a dress loafer that goes along with each occasion and outfit. Yeah, lace-ups are nice, but you never know when those shoes are gonna have to come at the end of the night when you're one too many drinks removed from effectively removing your shoes and keeping a bridesmaid on her feet.

Like I said before, keep in mind that this is the bride's day, don't fuck it up by stealing any of her spotlight. With that said, you still have to look good, so find that happy mix of subdued and outspoken for your outfit and you'll be safe.

Check in tomorrow for another one of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for more situationally stylish threads.