Friday Faux Pas: Miss Matched Tailoring

Precise tailoring is something to strive towards, but its also nice to have some looser clothing that you wear more casually (I don't fall in this category). But when you mix the two, you're bound to run into some serious fashion problems.

Imagine wearing skinny jeans and then having a loose fitting're going to look like a female wearing a blouse. Oppositely, a fitted shirt with baggy pants makes you look like a wannabe rapper. Either way, its not a good look, and unfortunately, I have seen this more and more often.

You should either be wearing all tailored clothing or all loose clothing. It's not like mixing up fabrics or patterns amongst the layers of your outfit, that type of behavior is highly condoned. But with the fit of your clothes, you're trying to create a synthesized silhouette that makes sense and looks good. One of the upcoming trends this spring and summer are tunics and looser fitting coats, but while wearing other tailored items. To be honest, I don't agree with it and won't be featuring it on my blog because it just looks sloppy.
Don't be this guy...granted, he had to wear this on the runway.
Tailored or relaxed is your choice style wise, but don't try to create some ass-backwards fashion cocktail by mixing the two. Check in tomorrow for an up-and-coming fashion company and next Friday for more of my style pet peeves!