Tech Tuesday: Smart Ears with Bragi

I tend to stay on top of the technology realm, following new developments with the latest mobile devices, computers, game consoles, insert new and exciting tech here. So it's not often I get the chance to say "HOLY SHIT BALLS" to a new gadget, but "HOLY SHIT BALLS", you need to check out these new headphones.

So much utility in such a small package! (No, that's not what she said)
Bragi is a new start up that has developed a revolutionary technology that goes in your ear! Think a wireless headset that doesn't make you look like an idiot combined with an mp3 player, that's what The Dash is. These two ear buds rely on Low Energy Bluetooth to connect to your selected smart device and communicates a plethora of information that is hard to believe.

Heart rate monitoring, body temperature, calorie burn, distance traveled, oxygen saturation, and speed to name a few with a combination of over 30 sensors. Oh, did I mention they also have a 4GB hard drive for up to 1000 songs so you can still enjoy your music without your phone. The exterior casing is touch sensitive for remote control capabilities and management of what The Dash is doing.

The possibilities are endless for The Dash!
The company is currently on Kickstarter having already raised over $300,000! A $179 pledge gets you your very own pair, even if they won't be in your hands till the Fall. Originally focused and tested for athletic purposes, this technology is going to be so versatile and simple that everyone is going to need a pair, so be ahead of the curve and help fund the project!

Check in tomorrow for essential wardrobe pieces and next Tuesday for more exciting technology!