Monday Outlook: Spring Stripes aka Seersucker

It's still early yet, but before the winter thaw begins, you're gonna want to get ready for the most important staple of your spring closet. A very simple addition that will give any look a refreshing lightness that's spring and summer ready.

Classic summer style for all!
Seersucker was popularized and has remained a warm weather go-to for centuries in the South, coming in a variety of colors and in either stripe or gingham. You could opt for any cotton suit or blazer, but nothing makes a summer statement like a seersucker suit, especially when you stray away from the classic blue/white.

Just for scope, I currently own a suit, blazer, slacks, and two pairs of shorts featuring the fabric in a variety of colors (blue, orange, and lime). Do yourself a favor, if you have the dough lying around and you're looking for a new suit, this is the one to buy! As for the color and pattern, don't get any neutral tones, you want bright pastels in the classic seersucker stripe. If you can't afford it, the best option will be seersucker pants or even a tie to give your look the accent without the upfront cost.

Brooks Brothers: $498
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