Wardrobe Essentials: The Pink Dress Shirt

Alright guys, I know I've thrown out a lot of advice that may seem on the radical side of the style spectrum, but how else are you gonna stand out? This little addition to your wardrobe will add a refreshing twist to your existing suit and sport coat collection and vamp up your tie game a little bit in the process.

The pink dress shirt is such a simple thing to put in your closet that if you can't be convinced to get one, then there's no helping you. Easily change out your typical white dress shirt for a day and throw on the pink and let the compliments flow in. An all pink dress shirt? Maybe not for the stylishly squeamish, but one that is predominantly pink with a white stripe or check pattern will be a perfect option. Pair it with a blue tie and your look will be flawless!

Take some notes from Christoph Waltz, he knows what he's doing.
Most men shy away from more "feminine" colors like pink and purple, they're just missing out on a simple style opportunity. I've been without my pink dress shirt for about a month and my wardrobe has felt like its been missing something since then, imagine how yours will feel when you add one! Here are a couple options to take advantage of:

Hugo Boss: $115
J. Crew: $148
Express: $36
Check in tomorrow for some situational garb advice and next Wednesday for more essential style pieces!