Monday Outlook: Elevate the Waist

For the past decade or so, we have seen the evolution, integration, and full blown adoption of slim and skinny fit pants. Women do it, men do it, they have become a staple in every one's closet and for good reason; the look you get from the perfectly tailored trousers is quite spectacular. However, their is a new movement in the pants department that may change the game.

Joaquin Phoenix in Her rocking some high-waisted slacks.
High-waisted pants are an item you'd expect to see in a mid-century magazine, TV show, or movie. That exact style is making a come back and even has Wall Street buzzing about investing in Urban Outfitters who helped launch the skinny jean revolution and is anticipated to be the leading edge of the high-waisted movement.

High-waisted meets street style.
I will not be purchasing any of these "new" trousers, but rather rummage through my grandfathers wardrobe for any worthy items. If you plan on being an early-adopter of this trend, get full length pants and leave the high-waisted shorts to the sorority girls and soccer moms. Stick with suit pants while purchasing high-waisted and maintain your hold on your current jean collection, no need to go full out on a new style trend.

Check in tomorrow for some exciting technology and next Monday for more fashion trends and style movements!