Saturday Spotlight: Hugh & Crye

I mentioned this company once in an episode of my Friday Faux Pas and have featured them many times in my editions of Thursday Threads. This company is an up and coming company due to the innovative way they go about online shopping. I found them in the December issue of GQ and have a feeling they're on the way to the top in men's fashion.

Hugh & Crye isn't like every other online retailer relying on the typical Medium-Large-Extra Large or neck and sleeve measurements that still leave up to consideration many variables in the shirt buying process. They do offer more on their website than shirts, but that part of their business is what makes them stand out from the rest. When you enter the site, you can enter in your height and body profile, and from that, narrow down to a specific size for you.

An overview of a quality shirt from Hugh & Crye.
Whether you are Short/Skinny or Tall/Broad, Hugh & Crye has a shirt for you that is well made and properly fit to your body. Another great part of this company is the commitment to social responsibility and dedication to responsibly sourced, chemical-free manufacturing processes, all great news for the Eco and fair-practice minded shoppers alike.

I am 6'3" and consider myself on the the slender side (definitely not skinny) and according to Hugh & Crye, I am a Tall/Slim. This company is on a mission to cut shirt fat from the everyday man's closet and I believe they will! Here are some of my favorites:

Chalky: $85
Craven: $85
El Profe: $85
Barossa: $85
 Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Saturday for another great men's wear company!