Friday Faux Pas: Indoor Shades

We've all seen it walking around the mall, in restaurants, or any other social venue that happens to be indoors. Men walking around wearing sunglasses for absolutely no reason, other than to presumably look as douchey as possible. If you are reading this with sunglasses on and you're inside, TAKE THEM OFF!

There are a certain number of instances that can allow you to wear sunglasses indoors:

  • You are blind.
  • You forgot your prescription glasses and all you have are your sunglasses.
  • You have transition lenses and its excessively bright inside.
  • You're in that 10-15 second buffer zone after you've made your entrance.
  • You are hungover and not in public.
  • Least likely of all, you are anticipating a surge of paparazzi and flash photography.
If none of these situations fit the bill, than you sir need to take the damn shades off! I'm perfectly okay with wearing some faux eye wear just to have that sophisticated, pseudo-nerdy look, but if they are the least beat tinted (aka sunglasses) then they need to go. It's an image thing and it ties into the same concept that I covered with wearing headphones in public; you're exuding an aura of "I'm too good to associate with the plebeians around me".

Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Friday for more of my style pet peeves!