Celebrity Sunday: Brad Pitt

These days, this celebrity tends to make his appearances in the tabloids for his highly visible relationship with Angelina Jolie while also headlining every once in a while for a blockbuster movie here and there. If you look back over the years of Brad Pitt's relevance as an actor, you'd realize the impact he has had in style.
Smug as shit, and for good reason.
Like many of the celebs I post about, they have evolved their style with the times to stay relevant, but he has also helped mold the fashion world. Pitt was rocking the long hair  before anyone else, the beard before it was cool, and has perfected the dressy casual looks for years. The best part is that his flame hasn't flickered one bit, he'll be sticking around as long as there is a camera to film.

Multiple kids,  high-powered wife, still stylish!
If you were to take anything from his look, it would be the casualness, no one does it better and having that weapon in your style arsenal will help you to stand out in a relaxed way.

Timelessly casual year after year.
Check in tomorrow for Monday Outlook for upcoming fashion trends and next Sunday for another star with style!