Friday Faux Pas: Human Billboards

The biggest problem I have with the clothiers of America is the amount of advertising they feel they need to do. Billboards here, TV spots there, to the point of overkill that almost brainwashes you into buying clothes. You know what though, that's not the media that bothers me, its the branding on the clothes they sell that turn their customers into walking adverts.

I preach to everyone I consult on fashion and never buy anything with a company logo unless I absolutely have to; that exact pattern would have to not exist anywhere else in the fashion world and the chances of removing the logo without damaging anything at 100%. A company with quality clothing shouldn't have to rely on their logo to sell clothing or get notice.

Big logo = Big no-no!
My prime example is always Ralph Lauren, their bottom of the barrel apparel (aka the stuff that ends up in Marshalls) is plastered with their beloved polo player logo. But the good stuff, after careful inspection, will only feature Ralph Lauren's name on the inside tag of the item; no logo, no bullshit, just great clothing.
Bad Ralph Lauren: $98
Good Ralph Lauren: $120
One company that relies solely on their logo is Vineyard Vines, a company I have worked in the past. You can tell that the quality of their product offering, other than their ties, have dropped off dramatically and its only a matter of time before they become the Aeropostale of preppy clothing.

Bottom line: great clothing should be advertisement enough and if you're paying for it already, you shouldn't also have to be a moving billboard afterwards too. Check in tomorrow for an up and coming fashion company and next Friday for another style pet peeve!