Saturday Spotlight: Trumaker

My most recent Spotlight focused on a web-based company that is changing the way you shop for shirts online with a unique sizing configuration that matches the shirt to your body type. Hugh & Crye has been featured in GQ and will continue to grow as more consumers become aware of them. This next company is attempting to solve the same problem, shirt fat, but in a completely different direction.

The problem most men face when shopping for clothes (I was once in this category) is that they assume that all shirts and pants, no matter what brand, will follow the same sizing structure. This is not the case, for example, H&M clothing tends to run small in just about every category while brands like Robert Graham run big; its not a good or bad thing, just means actually taking the time to try on clothes every once in a while.
Trumaker's chambray collection is on point!
Trumaker, a company out of Chicago and with recent expansion to Los Angeles is tackling this problem head on. The overall premise is, you call and an "outfitter" will come to your location and get your measurements followed by choosing from a wide array of fabrics of which to comprise the shirt. They even offer group rates for whole office fittings, a fun idea if you're looking to change up the look of your colleagues.

The turn around is very impressive and the price is ultimately determined by the type of fabric in the shirt. With that said, none of their products exceed $160, and for an essentially bespoke-made shirt that fits better than most if not all designer shirts that run upwards of $200, that's one hell of a deal! And after your measurements are taken and you approve of the fit, you will be entered into Trumaker's database so that when you want to complete another order, you just pick a fabric and DONE!
Fabrics, buttons, and collars, OH MY!
Check out the Trumaker website for even more info, especially if you don't live where an outfitter can come to you, it'll be worth your while. Check in tomorrow for a celebrity style influence and next Saturday for another up and comer in the fashion industry!