Thursday Threads: Another Rainy Day

Nothing is more annoying than putting together a nice outfit, walk out the door, and come to find that it is pouring rain. Probably your fault for not checking the weather, but at the same time, its still very annoying. There are some ways to manage this complication, and since I'm from Florida, I believe its important for everyone to know how.

Just walking out the door, you have a couple options to prevent that pesky rain from ruining dapper decor. The umbrella is a simple tool to keep you dry without affecting your look, and in some cases with a nice umbrella, you can actually make a statement. A simple black top umbrella will do just fine, but if you are gonna opt for a pattern, keep it simple and keep it plaid. The other last minute option is the rain coat to throw over top of everything else, which wont provide as much coverage as an umbrella, but still does the job.

For those more prepared, here are a couple more guidelines to manage the inclement weather.

  1. Boots or rubber soled shoes will hold up better in the weather.
  2. Minimal to no break on your pants.
  3. Pick a watch that is at least 10 bar certified.
  4. Silk and wool ties and pocket squares hold up better than cotton and linen.
  5. Cotton and wool suiting will breath better and dry faster.
  6. Keep the color palette simple, you don't want any dyes running and ruining your clothes.
Here is an outfit that will look good and keep you comfortably dry.

For the Rain:
K Way: $88
Rain or Shine: $80
Everything Else:
Suit Supply: $469
Hugh & Crye: $85

The Tie Bar: $15 & $8

Ferragamo: $695
Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Thursday for the next situational style!