Wednesday Wellness: Feet First

Looking good stems from feeling good and the most important part of your body for managing your mood are your feet. Whenever your feet are sore, all you want to do is sit down and stop everything to relax. Contrarily, a foot massage is probably one of the best feelings on this green Earth. There are plenty of ways to take care of your feet that range from self-myofascial release products to cosmetic ointments, but the best ways to take care of your feet are as simple as getting proper shoes and getting an occasional pedicure.

The right shoes make such a difference in terms of style and comfort. For the price that premium shoes or sneakers go for these days, there is no point in settling for something too big or small or that creates foot discomfort. Ideally, when buying shoes, you're looking for a snug fit around the entirety of your foot and enough room for your toes to lie flat on the insole; when the leather breaks in, you'll feel like they were specially made for your foot. If you need more cushioning, get insoles as opposed to buying rubber soled shoes; rubber soles will wear less evenly than leather and wood constructions and lead to sore feet and worse.
A little fact about measuring your foot that most aren't aware of.
After you've found your fit and know what to get, go get a pedicure. Its unbelievable the benefits of getting one done and its such a relaxing process. I was originally against the idea as an athlete because I was worried they would remove some calluses that prevented blisters from forming, but after receiving one, I swear by it! Your feet will be clean, the nails will be prefect, and all the knots in your lower legs will get worked out. Depending on where you go, this will only run you $40, and for those of you that are hesitant, $40 will have never been better spent.

Tell me you don't want to go get one right now!
If your feet are still giving you problems after that, consult a foot doctor before something serious perspires. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Wednesday for more wellness tips!