Thursday Threads: Happy Hour

By this point in the week, you've had just about enough of work and the weekend cannot come any sooner. Thursday night may not be the time to go for an all-night rager as you'll have to show up for work the next morning, but  it is definitely the time to go to happy hour, kick back and relax and take a load off. Showing up to happy hour in your work clothes isn't against the rules, but you want to come off as "I busted my ass this week, time to unwind".

Here's how you do it: Bring some jeans to work on Thursday (not wear them) and have them in your office to change into once you're off the clock. Whether its a three-piece suit or a sport coat, jeans will still work to add a casual twist to your business garb. Regardless of the fabric, pattern, or color of the jacket you're wearing, make sure the jeans are dark, or else there is bound to be a disconnect in your outfit. As for up top, your discretion is the best option. If you're comfortable in your tie, then rock it; if not, loosen it up a little or just remove it altogether, but keep the the coat on.

For Work:
SuitSupply: $399
Hugh & Crye: $85,23&optionValueIds=,29&optionValueIds=
TheTieBar: $15, $15, $8 (clockwise from the top left)

Brooks Brothers: $368

The Jeans:
Lucky Brand: $129
Going with something along these lines will get you looks in the office and at happy hour effortlessly. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Thursday for some great thread combos!