Tech Tuesday: Slimmer Pockets with Silo

So picture you're wearing a very streamlined, expertly-tailored suit...and then there is a huge bulge in your back pocket throwing off the whole thing. A fat wallet either screams "I have way too many credit cards" or "I cashed my bonus check", either way, it looks bad and attracts unwanted attention. Card case wallets can be difficult and fill up quickly, money clips can be unreliable, and Bi/Tri fold wallets don't even come into the picture.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

So what is out there to appease all these issues? A new company out of Sydney, Australia by the name of Silo has come up with a great solution to the pocket fat problem. A simple titanium mesh card coupled with a durable silicon band serve to protect and hold tight to everything in your pocket. Both sides can be used to hold cash and cards, but also functions as an iPhone stand, a bottle opener, and as for security, the Silo Mesh Card prevents RFID theft on your cards. All this functionality and all at $40 (I'm pretty sure that the weight in titanium alone is worth more than that).

Help Silo's Kickstarter fund!
Preregistering is currently going on at the Silo company page and I anticipate product shipping sometime during the Summer 2014. Check out their Kickstarter and visit Silo's page for more information. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!