Wardrobe Essentials: Black Dress Loafer

Originally I thought that I would be able to provide tips on well-being every Wednesday, but it just so happens that I don't have that much advice to offer and it deviates from the core of this fashion blog. So I have decided to veer in the direction of essential items that every man needs in his closet, no matter how fashion forward or conservative they are. One thing that every man needs and the starting point for this Wednesday topic is a quality pair of black loafers.

I'm not talking about driving loafers, those you could do without; I'm referring to a pair that have the ability to be worn with a suit or jeans. The beauty of this type of shoe is that it will always be in stores in a variety of styles, although you should stick to penny or horse-bit loafers. These styles provide a classic touch to your shoe game and, if taken care of properly, will stay with you for years to come. When looking for dress loafers, you'll want a shoe with a high vamp (tongue) on the shoe which will prevent them from looking like old-timer/casual loafers.
Gucci: $670
The iconic black loafer obviously goes to Gucci who has been well known for their quality of leather and shoe construction which goes unrivaled by any other company. If you treat the leather every other week and resole them when necessary, you won't have to buy another pair ever again, which justifies the price tag. If your price point is much lower, like me, then opt for products from Johnston & Murphy or Cole Haan who provide quality and comfort for a bargain.
Johnston & Murphy: $165
Cole Haan: $198
Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Wednesday for more wardrobe essentials!