Tech Tuesday: New Glass for Google

The wearable technology revolution is upon us, and before you know it, everyone will be walking around with some smart piece of something aside from their phone. With that said, we're still pretty far off from any technology that actually is "wearable". As I mentioned in my post about Pebble Steel, the majority of product being released looks absolutely ridiculous, something you wouldn't be caught dead in.
The Split frame seems to be my favorite so far!
Google Glass, the HUD for your life, still falls into the category of "what on earth" with its outlandish slide bar mechanism, camera, and screen all atrociously located on the right side of your head. They are heading in the right direction, though, with their latest release of Google Glass Titanium done in tandem with Maui Jim. They are offering four new frames that accommodate prescription eye wear and three options for sunglasses. The frames are all under $300, but they do not include the Google Glass Hardware, so despite the fact that there will still be an ugly assembly on your ear, at least the frames it'll be on look great.

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