Thursday Threads: Over(coat) Winter?

Being in Florida, you sometimes forget that up north there are these things called seasons like Fall, Spring, and Winter that mean more than just new merchandise in stores. My past couple of Thursday posts have been focused on the southern majority or the lucky snow birds that have managed to avoid the horrid winter doldrums of the Northeast. For the unfortunate millions, how do you stay warm and stylish at the same time? The overcoat!

Traditionally, overcoats are long jackets that drape over your outfit to protect you from the elements during your daily commute. The more contemporary design has tended towards a shorter, streamlined overcoat that still protects while adding to your look without looking like you just exited WWI. However, they tend to get pricey so chances are you'll have to pick one fabric, color, and style for your overcoat. Black pea coats are classic, navy nautical jackets are versatile, but if you want to stand out in a season dominated by a dull color palette, go for a camel wool trench coat. It'll still match all of your winter blues while differentiating you from the masses and giving you a nice transition coat into the Spring.

The Overcoat:
J. Crew: $450
The Rest:
Tommy Hilfiger: $420
J. Crew: $88

Ralph Lauren: $168
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