Friday Faux Pas: Baggy Pants

One of the biggest problems I find in most wardrobes are ill fitting pants. Clearly, everyone has a preference towards fit, but there is a difference between preference and neglect and its rampant in most men's closets. Baggy jeans are a particular issue that needs to be addressed; its a simple fix and one that will instantly improve your look.

The Rap genre popularized baggy jeans, but I'm most concerned with the bag around the ankles that signifies that those pants need to be re-hemmed. If you're still rocking pants that show your boxers, then there is really no hope for you, it just shows a level of laziness that a belt was too much effort to put on. The bunching around the ankles makes your pants look like your dad gave you his old pair, so to stymie this connotation, locate a tailor and spend the $10 to get them fitted to you.

Left: muy bueno. Right: Where'd you get those...the toilet store?
Another alteration that is easy to do and will bolster a streamlined look is tapering. A similarly cheap pants fix that narrows the leg below the knee, so you get a slimmer look without the slim constriction. Admittedly, this is a preference topic, the tapered look isn't for everyone, but almost everything is worth trying at least once.

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