Friday Faux Pas: Matchy Matchy

Simplicity and consistency are always a safe bet in style, classics look just as good (if not better) than the latest trend. But where this train leaves the tracks is when you try to match colors and pattern and fabrics in effort to "match". I have dealt with countless customers asking for a tie that matches their sport coat or a sport coat that matches the color of a specific shirts; on the outside, I retain my typical calm demeanor, but underneath I wanted to shake these people!

I have erred in the ways of matching once and I learned my lesson immediately, never committing the crime again. Psychologically, you want to put together a seamless outfit, so the effort is there but it won't be conveyed to the people who see it. If you're going to match the color, change up the pattern or the fabric. If the fabric is the same, change the color or the pattern. Never match the pattern though, no combination of fabric or color will save you on this one.

Here are a couple rules that I go by to avoid being all "matchy matchy":

  1. Your tie and pocket square should be different fabrics.
  2. Plaid suit or sport coat? Plain shirt and tie.
  3. Stripes on stripes is okay when they are oriented differently.
  4. Two corduroys don't make a right...unless they are of different color and amplitude.
  5. Going tonal? Make the colors different.
  6. Lots of texture helps to prevent matching.
  7. Canadian tuxedos are OK now, just make sure the denims are different.
Do any of these outfits "match"? NO, but they are seamless and eye-catching.

These are just a couple of my rules, if you have any more, please leave a comment below! Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Friday for more fashion faux pas!