Monday Outlook: Silky Smooth

We're still in the heart of January, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be preparing your wardrobe for the ides of April. In the previous two Outlooks, I covered the Blue Movement and the Power of Floral, and today I will be covering the move towards silk. Its definitely a move for the fashion forward, but if done right, it will make you look like a bona fide celebrity.

Obviously, when you think silk in men's wear, you think about ties. That wouldn't be much of a statement or trend if you just bust out the silk ties; it'll go unnoticed and won't draw any attention. This spring is pushing the boundaries with the use of silk and most notably so with silk suiting. A silk shirt is great, it'll feel great on the skin and be very light for the hotter months, but it won't make much of a splash. A well tailored silk suit, however, will not only be light, but it will add some pizazz to the cotton suiting you already own.

Gucci's SS14 line includes orange silk!
As I mentioned earlier in this post, a silk suit is a very fashion-forward purchase and also a very pricey one. So what to do for those trying to embrace a trend without paying a pretty penny? Your best bet is with a cotton suit with a high sheen, admittedly a tough find, but will run a lot less than a silk suit and will give you the same look. As for color choice, I would opt for a warmer, patternless fabric; this will allow you to wear those fun florals underneath without any chance of clashing with a plaid or stripe pattern in the suit.

StyleBop: $620
This cotton suit has the same look as Gucci's orange silk suit and predictably at less than half the price! Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Monday for the next Outlook!