Saturday Spotlight: Miansai

The devil is the in details as they say, and this is truest when it comes to fashion. The place where details are most easily improved is in the accessory department; staying with a trend or adding some color to your wardrobe by getting a new watch makes more sense than buying a new shirt or shirt. The company we'll be spotlighting today goes by the name Miansai, and they deal in just that, the accessories.

Judging by the name, you'd think Miansai is a company based out of the Far East specializing in cheaply made goods made by under paid workers. In reality, this company is based in Miami, FL and started in 2008 specializing in hand-made, high-quality accessories such as wallets and watches. The entire process from design to manufacturing is done in house and are comprised of the finest materials available. For example, their watches feature Japanese movements, Swiss quartz, and Italian leather all assembled in the US. Miansai even offers a customization ability on one of their more popular bracelet products.

M1 Hunter: $385

The company is still in its growth stage with only 30 craftsman on hand, but I anticipate a major spurt within the next year. My reasoning: the design of their products will grab anyone's attention, and the quality will keep the customers loyal to such a great brand. Not to mention, the price point that they offer is just the right mix of luxe and affordability, oh and don't forget, MADE IN THE USA!

Hook Bracelet: $145

Visit Miansai's page and checkout what they offer, you won't be disappointed. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Saturday for another great company!