Celebrity Sunday: Leonardo DiCaprio

It is hard to ignore his influence and after his performance last night on Saturday Night Live, I had to dedicate this Celebrity Sunday to Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo broke onto the scene in 1991 and ever since has been a style icon, molding his fashion as the years passed.

He has starred in some of the highest grossing films in Hollywood history and won many awards for it (still working on that Oscar though). His most recent roles in Wolfe on Wall Street and The Great Gatsby have inspired style movements; waves of blogs offering "Dress like Wolf on Wall Street" and the Brooks Brothers Gatsby Collection respectively.

Something about his style over the years exudes a classy timelessness that you don't see very often, and has allowed him to stay more than relevant in the film industry, which is most notable in that he always seems to be starring in a hit movie every year. You'll see him in the pages of GQ, Esquire, People, insert notable publication here, he is a star that doesn't seem to be dwindling anytime soon.

Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Sunday for another fashion icon!