Saturday Spotlight: Frameri

This being the first of my Saturday Spotlight posts, I can explain it as simply as highlighting a company that is less known within the fashion world that needs to be brought to the forefront. Whether its an entrepreneurial venture or a large company that simply lacks recognition, I will give you an idea of what they do and why you should buy from them!

Personally, I have never needed prescription eye wear and hopefully never will, but I have heard that the process gets very expensive. A scholarly acquaintance of mine from the MBA Program at Notre Dame thought that this was a glaring issue that needed to be addressed. Now as an alumnus of the University of Notre Dame, its always a priority for me to help fellow Irish graduates because in my experience, they have done the same for me, so it is only fitting that I use this first Spotlight for the upcoming brand Frameri.

Konrad Billetz and a few of the students from the design school banded together last year with the idea that fashionable eye wear should be affordable for all while having a utility that has never been seen before. The key innovation that puts Frameri in a class of its own is that their lenses are interchangeable from frame to frame, so instead of buying 3 frames with 3 sets of prescription lenses, you'll only need the one set of lenses that can be applied to a multitude of frames.

The Tidal collection offered only at Frameri.
So far, the company offers 3 styles in a variety of colors and patterns and will be shipping in March 2014. In my opinion, the product is only going to keep on getting better as they develop more styles and come up with more product offerings; I know Konrad well enough to know that he won't dwell on just eye wear, he'll revolutionize more than just that under the Frameri flag. I encourage you to visit their website, even if you don't have vision problems, they also offer sun glass lenses that offer the same competitive advantage as the prescription lenses.

Check in daily for more fashion advice and again next Saturday for another exciting Spotlight!