Celebrity Sunday: Idris Elba

When you think of style icons, you tend to focus on Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Justin Timberlake...catching a drift here? They tend towards the "lighter" side of the spectrum and its sad because when you get away from the loud mouths like Kanye who are using fashion as a plea for attention, you get to role models like Pharrell and Aloe Blacc (kind of biased here because they are both great musicians). I will be sure to cover them on another Sunday, but today I wanted to focus on a very intense icon who brings it in the style department everyday, Idris Elba.

Making the military look stylish in Pacific Rim.
Out of England, he is most known for his work on The Wire across the pond, but since his emergence in Hollywood in 2007, he has become the go to for roles requiring power and presence. His most recent work portraying the life of Nelson Mandela, he brought just those traits, lending to an unforgettable performance that is up-to-par with the same work from Morgan Freeman in Invictus. What most people aren't aware of, however, is that he is also a DJ going by the alias DJ Big Driis.

The casual three-piece? The casual three-piece!
More important than his immense talent is the fact that he knows how to dress and that has been noticed by GQ who most recently featured Elba on the October 2013 cover. The cover story was aimed at three-piece suits, which he makes seem effortless, but he is also very well known for throwing on the tonal look while attending award shows; for your information, not very easy to pull off. For his time in the American entertainment industry, Elba has already made quite an impact and in terms of style, you would be wise to take a thing or two from his look because he knows what he's doing.

Tonal never looked so right!
Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Sunday for another style icon!