Friday Faux Pas: Black Ties

One of my fellow colleagues at Robert Graham has been doing something that digs down and irks me in every since of my fashion ideology. Other than the fact that he wears the same thing day after day, he wears one of the most sinful accessories known to man, the black tie.

Ties are one of the easiest ways to spice up a suit or revamp an old shirt, its a chance to add some much needed pattern, texture, and character to an outfit. But when you throw on a black tie, you forfeit that part of your daily garb to simple conformity; its essentially the style version of a white flag of surrender or the throwing in the towel. As I've mentioned before, there is a time and place for anything. This is truest in fashion, and with the black tie, its time and place is at black tie affairs in the form of a bow tie, not a long tie. Anything outside of that, is simply just not putting in the effort to look good.

Classic: yes. Noteworthy: haha, good one.
And the associate I work with isn't the only one I've seen sinning in the neck wear department. I wouldn't go as far to say that this is a widespread epidemic, but it is something that needs to be treated and quarantined. The cure for this problem, GREY! A textured (chambray, wool, knit, etc.) or patterned (stripes, dots, plaid, etc.) will give you the same versatility, but without the bore and assumed lack of effort that is exuded in wearing a black tie.

Classic: yes. Noteworthy: absolutely!
If you can't find yourself a nice grey tie, then you just aren't looking hard enough if at all. Walk in to any J. Crew or Banana Republic and I guarantee you'll find something. The Tie Bar is always a reliable and affordable source of quality ties as well. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Thursday for more of my style pet peeves!