Friday Faux Pas: Headphones (in public)

One of the greatest breakthroughs in the music and entertainment industry has been the creation of the mp3 file format and the advent of the mp3 player (thanks a lot Apple). I love music, especially good music, always have and always will. My problem here arises when people walk around in public with their headphones in/on completely blocking out the sounds around them. You never know who you're going to run into, but having your ears plugged up sends the clear sign "I'm being antisocial today". To add to the issue, it takes away from the outfit you've put together.

They ruin his look and put him in danger.
Being a recent college graduate, I've noticed that this is an epidemic in the educational ranks, with almost no conversing between the coeds in between classes, and I think this is where the habit really develops in these soon-to-be young professionals. There are certain instances when headphones are perfectly acceptable in public, for example, on a plane, at the gym, or if music is your professional occupations; outside of that though, you're shit out of luck.

I think another reason for the widespread use of headphones in public is due to the popularization of earmuff styled headphones like Sol Republic and Beats by Dre. But I feel like I may be limiting myself to just headphones with this conversation, another issue arises with the use of Bluetooth earpieces that you can talk into. You can't tell me you haven't been in that awkward situation where it sounds like someone is talking to you, but instead are carrying on a phone conversation; are they too lazy to take their phone out of their pocket?

For those of you that do encounter this problem personally, I challenge you to take the headphones off during the times that you would normally wear them. It'll help your overall appearance and, to harp on the point, you might actually meet someone new. Dressing well and looking good is more than just putting clothes on, it is a lifestyle and a mindset that needs to be embraced fully. Check in daily for more fashion advice and next Friday for some more of my personal fashion pet peeves!