Thursday Threads: The Night Out

I may still be in the college mindset, but I'm pretty sure all of you already have plans or are at least thinking about going out tonight, I sure know that I am. Being that it is chilly or worse just about everywhere in this great nation of ours, everyone has the chance to throw on a layer or two to their outfit without creating a personal clothing sauna. Unless you are going to a complete dive bar where anything more than a t-shirt and jeans is deemed dressy or if you will be attending some random black tie affair, I suggest you stick to a simple outfit but with some color to really make you stand out at the bar.

Jeans will work with everything and everyone has at least one pair, I suggest a darker denim with minimal fading to be a little more dressy. I may be biased here, but the most comfortable jeans I have to date are made by Robert Graham, and seeing as they have slim and straight leg cuts in just about every style, they are a go to. Up top is where you'll throw the colors into the mix with a blazer, sport shirt, and a tie. A crisp, baby blue gingham oxford will give you just the right mix between business and casual, a well tailored sport coat in olive will turn heads without begging for attention, and last but not least, a burgundy knit tie that will clash (in a good way) with the cooler colors in the outfit while adding some texture.

That's the main outfit, but the devil is in the details when it comes to style. This is where you take an average outfit to something worthy of the pages of GQ! A burgundy silk polka dot pocket square, some olive ribbed dress socks, and a pair of double-monkstrap loafers in a red mine hue that will tie the whole thing together. If you can't visualize the word picture I just painted, here are some prime examples of exactly what I'm talking about:

Topman: $350
Hugh & Crye: $85
Robert Graham: $198
TheTieBar: $15
TheTieBar: $12
Johnston & Murphy: $175
There are so many different things you can do with an outfit based on simplicity, but detailed with color and texture. Keep that in mind tonight when you get ready to head to the bar! Check in daily for fashion advice and for next weeks Thursday Threads!