Celebrity Sunday: Jimmy Fallon

One of the careers I have always been envious of is being a late night talk show host. You don't have to wake up terribly early, get to meet celebrities on a daily basis, deliver news worthy info in humorous ways, and most importantly, suit up every night. One in particular that I have in mind is actually a new comer to this field, Jimmy Fallon, who has since become one of the most liked talk show hosts out there; is it the guests he brings on the show, the topics he discusses, or the fact that he has The Roots as his band... maybe its the culmination of everything.

Just Jimmy being featured on GQ's Style Bible...no big deal.

Like most popular comedians, Fallon got his start on Saturday Night Live which then blossomed into a career on the big screen and has now brought him to talk show television. Putting his comedic talent and likability aside, the man knows how to dress! Every night brings a new look, whether its a new shirt and tie combo or a great suit, but all add to his stylish image. Even the little things, like the ticket pockets he has added to his suiting show that he is keeping with the trend towards Refined European.

He also encourages his nightly guests to "bring it" and wear their best on the show, which is why I chose him this Sunday. He is a proponent of fashion among his peers, an influencer of the influential if you will. And unlike GQ (a brand) who influence style from month to month as their sole purpose, Jimmy Fallon (a person) does it on a nightly basis and just as a side gig. All I can say to Jimmy is to continue doing what you do comically and fashionably because its all working and everyone is loving it!
Just Jimmy making Gerard Butler look average...no big deal.
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