New Years Style

New Years Eve is upon us and today is the perfect excuse to dress to the 9's for absolutely no other reason than the fact that the calendar is hitting the rest button. This means an over abundance of black tie parties that give you the chance to show everyone your best!

The "tradition" with black tie affairs is to wear black and that this type of get together is the highest of formal wear. In reality, however, this tuxedo clad event was actually originated in the 19th Century in Tuxedo Park, NY by the trendy  and extremely wealthy folk of the day who snipped the long-tail coats, typical of white tie formal wear.

So what am I getting at with this little lecture? It's that you don't have to stick to the rigidity of the penguin suit!!!! The style itself was started by doing something different, so why not put in a couple twists of your own. You should still be suited up, but add some character to the night's garb.

A look that I highly recommend is the Midnight Navy Tux with Black shawl lapel...absolutely stunning and guaranteed to turn heads. Or opt this winter's go-to fabric, velvet! You can find it in any color and will add a bit of sheen and texture to your look.

This option by Bonobos exquisite with the peak lapels and ticket pockets, adding some real power to the jacket. I also had an idea...if you can find a suit in the same color as the Mercedes Benz Purple, you better pony up the cash to get it because that is going to be a one of a kind piece that will garner envious stares from everyone in the room.

I hope you take my advice tonight for the coming of the New Year, I know you won't regret it! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!