Friday Faux Pas: Shirt Fat!

One of the biggest annoyances for me when I dress up is having a shirt with excess baggage underneath between the waist and armpit aka shirt fat. The stuff that makes you look an extra 15 lbs heavier than you actually are.
Shirt bueno.
This wardrobe nightmare is caused by wearing a shirt that is too big or not tailored to your body style and can completely ruin your look. Your shirt makes a statement just like any other item that comprises an outfit, make sure your making the right statement;this guy is well put together.

You may think that shirts that got just right are going to cost an arm and a leg but many retailers offer a variety of lengths, sizes, and fits to work with just about every body type. An emerging brand by the name of Hugh & Crye are offering three different lengths and four different fits to compose 12 specific shirts similar to a bespoke fit for department store prices...not to mention the fabrics and styles available are top notch!

Hugh & Crye Aubrey Shirt #ftw

You can visit their online store at!