Celebrity Sunday: Justin Timberlake

First off, to explain my hiatus...after my trip to the Big Apple, I came back home to find that my computer's hard drive had seen its last day. After some dedicated work from the Apple Care team, she is back up and running, and I can resume my usual posting! This is a new post topic that I will be sticking with, Celebrity Sunday, where I will overview a significant fashion influence in any of the major entertainment industries.

Justin Timberlake, previously member to revolutionary pop band N'Sync and now a self-made producer, singer, actor, entrepreneur, and most importantly fashion statement extraordinaire. He can be found on the cover of GQ, Esquire, People...pretty much any significant publication has featured him in some form. His most recent work with Jay-Z on the Magna Carta album and single, Suit & Tie, have reaffirmed his position as one of the top musicians out there. His roles in movies like "Out of Time", "Friends with Benefits", and "The Social Network" have demonstrated his superb acting abilities, opening the door to yet another part of his storied career in entertainment. To add yet another dimension to his resume, he owns and runs a tequileria under the name 901...not too shabby for only being 32 years old.

His fashion, however, is what I am most intrigued with; from his start with N'Sync in the 90's to the present day, he has remained a fashion icon. We all remember his bleached curls like it was yesterday which changed to a buss cut after 2000 and evolved to the fashionable coiffe he currently rocks. His style influence doesn't stop there either, his clothing choices have been making splashes in the fashion community ever since he became a star. Personally, I appreciate his work on Suit & Tie for encouraging the idea of dressing up for absolutely no reason at all; that's something you used to see in the 50's but has become increasingly rare in today's society.


As you can see, from the 90's to now, JT not only stuck with the trends of the day, but he also influenced them. More importantly, he helped to evolve fashion over the years, making him that much more of an influence of style. I chose Justin Timberlake as my first topic of Celebrity Sunday because of his ability to stay relevant in every sense of the word, and you would be hard pressed to find another person who has as much fame and influence as him.

Thanks for reading, check in daily and keep looking your best!