Thursday Threads: Casual Friday

First off, I hope you all had a joyful and fun-filled Christmas Day with family and friends. Hopefully Santa gave you all that you asked for and have some fun stuff to show off at work, at the bar, or just out casually! Now to the goods...

Being that this is the first of my Thursday Threads posts and being that it is after the holidays, I thought I would provide some inspiration for your casual Friday wardrobe. Many confuse this relaxed day as an excuse to slack off in the style department, but this should be your opportunity to really show everyone around the office how fashion savvy you really are. Sure, you can lose the tie and the stuffy dress shoes, but don't lose out on the chance to play with some less dressy pieces in your closet. Here is a little outfit (separate images, but a seamless look) that I have put together!

Suit Supply Havana Blue Plain: $399
Hugh & Crye Barossa - Brown: $65
Bonobos Sherwoods: $48
Johnston & Murphy Ellington Wingtip: $89.99
Warby Parker Jasper- Tortoise: $95 Solid White Cotton- Champagne: $8
This little brainchild of mine was something that I cooked up while looking around the mall after my shift ended at Robert Graham. You don't have to buy each one of these items from each retailer, these are just suggestions. But take note of the style! Colored chinos, crisp gingham check shirt, tonal navy check sport coat, accented wingtip shoes, simple pocket square, and most importantly, fresh shades. You can do this look in any combination of colors and even throw on a solid, silk knit tie so you can wear it during the "real" work week! Just remember, casual Friday isn't the time for Tommy Bahama and Jimmy Buffet, that's what the weekend is for...this day is meant to leave an impression on your coworkers for the entire weekend.

Once again, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday, check in tomorrow for Friday Faux Pas!