Monday Outlook: Solid Seersucker

There is a big event coming up this weekend that holds major ramifications in sport and in fashion. The Running of the Roses at the Churchill Downs in Kentucky, better known as the Kentucky Derby, which has been a notable venue for all the whose who to show off some serious summer style. Seersucker has been the go-to fabric for the Derby for as long as it has been run, but now its time for a new variation.
Seersucker is most noted for its texture and striped nature that helps to give the fabric depth and much needed pattern where the summer palette is usually lacking. This summer keeps the seersucker coming, but with a new twist, solid seersucker to create a lightweight cotton option for the warm weather months. All the texture will remain as with regular seersucker while substituting a tonal stripe look for the traditional graphic stripe.
Luckily for all the menswear enthusiasts, this fabric will be made in everything from a full suit down to ties, and all of them are suitable to adopt this great trend. My favorite solid seersucker is the navy on navy which remains classic with a youthful edge that you don't really get with the classic look. If you're already set up with a suit, then a shirt, or tie, or trousers will complement the existing wardrobe staple without putting such as dent in the budget. Be sure to get yours before Saturday so you can be the star of whichever Kentucky Derby event you end up attending!
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insights for the coming months!