Celebrity Saturday: Eric Clapton

If you don't have a clue about music or about who this next guy is, you might very well think that this picture is just a black and white filter on some new band's guitarist. Not so, this is Eric Clapton in 1978, one of the greatest guitarists of all time and as you can see, a timeless style icon. Just like his music, his garb had a certain rugged verve and edginess that was synonymous with the time period, but most other musicians' style seem dated compared to the master. The best part of all this swagger from Clapton is it's second-hand nature; despite all of his talents, he remained a very humble man and was never one to preen, he just walked, talked, strummed, and styled to the beat of his own drum. Sure seemed to work out in his favor!

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!