Wardrobe Essential: Plug in the Sweatshirt

Layering is essential for keeping warm when the winter wonderland so aptly dubbed Polar Vortex 2.0 is still afoot. But once it decides to step out, it won't me that the chill will follow suit, so it's important to have some of those layers that help with the spring transition, because it is just around the corner.
So lets reintroduce an old favorite, one that has probably seen its better days back in the collegiate days and one too many reps in the gym. Sweatshirts are a beautiful addition to any look without any of the excess formality of a true sweater, and most likely with a nifty design to boot. Most sweatshirts sport a logo or big block lettering, and then you have the one's that feature impressive geometric designs that will fool anyone into thinking it is more than just a sweatshirt.
Pairing one with a shirt and tie may be a bit overkill, but having an air tie and leaving it all untucked will maintain the casual panache that came with the sweatshirt in the first place; then throwing a top coat over that will put a look over the top on the swag-o-meter. And as the weather begins to warm up, that wool top coat can be changed out for a rugged denim jacket or lightweight leather moto rig. The true key is to play off of the sweatshirts natural casualness and add texture wherever possible to add some traction for the eyes, easy as pie!
Ralph Lauren: $225
A.P.C.: $165
J. Crew: $65
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