Threads for Thought: Striped Blazers

There is nothing like reinventing an old classic and giving it a renewed vigor for the modern look. That seems to be what fashion is really founded on, with a constant cycle of old styles in updated fits, but there are still a few mainstays that haven't been touched on just yet.
Pinstripes were such a hit during the fall and continue to be in the winter, decadently fabricated into suits and over coats, but the spring months are not for such warm attire and heavy wools. These are the months for cotton and linen and lightweight blends that make it feel like you're wearing just another shirt, and all of these in beautiful stripes on the go to blazer of the season. Colors will be brighter on these pins than their cold-weather cousins, but the look is all the same, classically edgy!
This is the perfect entry level piece for anyone lacking a pinstripe suit, allowing to adopt the look without forking over the big bucks. For the most wearable option a navy backdrop to a white or cream wide spread stripe will be just as versatile as the old reliable navy blazer, but with much more character. This genre encompasses the increasingly popular rowing blazer as well, and seeing that collegiate style is always in, you can't go wrong; the bonus points come through when you pair and contrast the stripes on the blazer with the stripes of a shirt.
Gucci: $4000
Hackett London: $690
Ralph Lauren: $395
Check in tomorrow for this week's edition of my fashion faux pas and next Thursday for another fashion piece that deserves your consideration!