Tech Tuesday: The Note Desk

With these Tech Tuesdays, the latest and greatest in digital or even the most intriguing horological advances and innovations only seem to make the cut. It's nice to see an old way of doing things being reinterpreted in a refreshing and evolutionary way. Taking notes has always been best done in a tactile manner with pen and highlighter or sketching with pencil and an eraser, but all require some level of book or pad of paper to jot these things down. The new Analog Memory Desk, as its being dubbed by Kirsten Camara, can't create searchable notes or archive designs in a desktop folder, but using a scroll-like mechanism, you can save all your scribbles on your desk and save them for later. The best part of all, the design is up for those to take on as a DIY project, the only cost is materials and a little elbow grease; the more to appreciate after its all done!
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!