Celebrity Saturday: Ewan McGregor

The last time anyone really heard from this actor, it was either on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or for those that don't partake in late night TV, in the last Star Wars movie. But seeing that the rugged, rough rider look is all the rage this Spring, there is no better representative of that style than Ewan McGregor. Since his last movie, he has taken a more direct route in acting, participating in Broadway, but it seems his true passion is cruising the highways, cross-country treks between jobs instead of red-eye flights. Usually its us Americans that are adopting the hip and sartorial English, but in this case, McGregor is taking on the road warrior styles pioneered by James Dean, Elvis, and the like. Look out for this talented powerhouse as he directs and stars in American Pastoral; hopefully he can keep his accent in check with a title like that!

Check in tomorrow for a recap of the week's topics and next Saturday for another stylish celebrity influence!