Wardrobe Essential: Cargo Pants

It would seem almost a certain faux pas to pair a sport coat with anything but a flat front pant or jean, but looser rules and the elevated nonchalance of the modern man has reinvigorated old styles with new ways of styling them. These pants, however, wouldn't fall under the "classics" umbrella for the average man.
Cargo pants are exactly what men were told not to wear at the turn of the century and now they are back in full form. And along with the aforementioned relaxation of men's styling, cargo's are now more wearable with even more of your wardrobe. The fit should be as slim as possible to counter act the preconceived bagginess of these pants and the pockets should follow suit; how many pockets is a character call that you're going to have to make on your own. Seeing as these are going to be the pair that carries you from season to season, a versatile neutral will go a long way to match with a majority of your wardrobe, both current and in the future.
Ralph Lauren: $120
Jack Spade: $100
J. Crew: $50
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