Threads for Thought: Ikat

Playful patterns and airy colors are all the rage in the spring and summer, in a pseudo-celebration of the return of the sun. Of all the patterns available out there, few can be credited with having more hands-on work than this next fabric.
Ikat, at least nowadays, is referred to as a pattern but is rather a product of a specific dye and weave method that creates a unique look that can't be achieved any other way. By dyeing the yarns before they are woven into a fabric, they naturally become askew, adding texture and a little extra character to whatever the piece may be. What makes it so great for the spring are all the colors that are easily combined into one fabric without any of them bleeding and blending; plus the whole look is very southwest, synonymous with warmth and the sun.
As with any fabric option, Ikat will be available across the style spectrum, which means plenty of options to choose from. Colors will abound as well as the actual scales of the pattern, but incoprating too many color families into one piece is a risky move that also won't play too well with as much of your wardrobe. The introduction to Ikat begins with the shirt or even a tie as they can both be toned down by one another, just don't pair the two together. The advanced move is the blazer with the pattern out in the open, but make it easy on yourself with an indigo as it will go with most anything spring.
Wings + Horns: $156
Vans: $55
Soludos: $48
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