Wardrobe Essential: Transitional Sport Coats

It may seem as though the winter is about to be a permanent resident, but as with every year, it will subside. But between spring and now, a time may come when wearing a puff jacket or heavy wool sport coat may be overkill but a lighter cotton blazer option will leave you freezing your tits off.
When this day comes, don't be the uncomfortable individual that's either sweating or shivering, and make sure to get a perfect transitional piece. Last Spring saw the introduction of the unstructured sport coat, featuring a minimal design that makes it feel almost like a heavy second shirt. These coats carried through the fall and winter with heavier, warmer fabrics while still maintaining a relaxed and movable fit, and guess which item is going to be your best friend come transition.
However, some of these jackets may not make the cut as pieces that will make the jump from winter to spring; a deep grey, wool jacket is not going to fit in too well as a spring item. The bright blues and edgy chalk stripe suits and sport coats that became popular in the past few months are perfect for just this occasion, providing a bold hit of color while still keeping you somewhat cozy. Layering appropriately will also aid in the effort to have a light and airy look synonymous with spring but with the sturdiness of winter still in tact.
Ralph Lauren: $1295
Boglioli: $1095
Patrick James: $417
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