Threads for Though/Friday Faux Pas: Boots and Shorts

Today is going to be a bit of a tandem post, seeing as this topic is a major grey area in the men's fashion world. As the snow thaws and makes way for sunny, but still chilly spring weather, styles begin to blend together, and a little guidance never hurt anyone.
Not so much a fan here.
Boots are the workhorses of the winter, keeping feet cozy and dry, no matter what the conditions are. The style options abound and all with their own character and panache, but not all are so easily or possibly blended into your spring wardrobe. Chances are a pair of 9 inch duck boots or wingtips sit in the closet, waiting to be broken out for the spring, but neither of these would jive with a pair of shorts. High-rise boots require a pant to cover up the shaft of the shoe, presenting it as almost a dress shoe in disguise; shorts just appear to look like boxers to a certain extent.
We're getting somewhere.
Mid-rise boots such as the chukka or boat shoe are both very versatile options that can be worn during the coldest days of winter and just as easily function with a pair of white tailored shorts for a sunny, spring day.The important thing to note is that flirting with the idea of boots and shorts is a dangerous proposition unless it's carefully executed. Experimentation is everything in menswear, so combine different boots with different looks and see how far the rabbit hole can take you.
Now we're talking.
Check in tomorrow for a stylish celebrity influence and next Friday for another installment of my fashion faux pas!