Tech Tuesday: Ditch the Old Sim

There are over a million apps on the app store and surely a good number of apps on your particular smart device, but of all the apps out there, one has the most users worldwide. WhatsApp is a very simple app, providing exactly what a normal phone would utilizing cellular or WiFi connection, but without charging you any data usage fees. Only problem is, for a phone to work, it needs a SIM card and those work with a specific carrier and carriers charge fees. Luckily for over 700 million users (a tenth of the world) the team at WhatsApp has developed the WhatSim, a SIM card that'll run you a little over $10 which enables you to talk and text free of charge. This new card is connected to over 400 operators, enabling usage in over 150 countries, all without any roaming charges; the only thing left to do is order one!

Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for more exciting tech!