Monday Outlook: Hombre

Different season bring along different fabrics and patterns that really emulate their respective time of the year. Rich colors and corduroy, wool herringbone and tweed, all synonymous with the fall and winter; not to mention they also serve the purpose of keeping the cold at bay.
And just as with the cold seasons, the Spring and Summer have a plethora of stereotypical styles that resonate and thrive. Pastels and washed out colors play major role in this season's style, providing an airiness that other colors just can't provide, but its when they're textured and given some extra character is when they really pop. Hombre might not ring a bell, but looking at a piece with an hombre dye job, it's hard not to recognize the style. Usually reserved for shirts and other first layers, hombre has exploded into other categories, combing spring shades and neutrals in one piece.
As the name implies, this style takes its roots back to Spain and then highly popularized in Mexico and the American Southwest. Even though this pattern can be found on any regular clothing item, it's best to stick to tops with hombre; the color block look is great, but tends to make legs look short and awkward. One of the big ticket items will be an hombre work shirt, which would be worn just like your favorite chambray work shirt, but lightweight sweaters and jackets will be similarly impressive. When pairing, keep it simple and use shades that are in the hombre design to really accentuate the piece while creating a cohesive look.
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