Tech Tuesday: BLOCKS by Intel

Smart watches and other major wearable technologies are all the craze these days with Google Glass and the upcoming iWatch; anything that is going to make your life "simpler" is in these days. Now that the basics are being covered, big companies are looking to innovate and expand on existing ideas to make them even more functional and effective in real-life situations. Intel's Make It Wearable challenge has sparked the creativity of a student group from Imperial College to bring forth a modular take on the smart watch. Fully customizable, from the casing to the watch face, each individual link can perform a different function to fit the needs of the wearer; GPS, heart rate monitor, and motion sensors combine to make the perfect fitness freak's gadget. The combinations are only limited to imagination, so be on the lookout for this awesome new product if it goes fully funded!
Check in tomorrow for a style piece that needs to be in your closet and next Tuesday for even more exciting tech!