Monday Outlook: Pattern Blowout

We saw the resurgence of some older styles in the fall, such as the classic trench coat or the striped suit, but with an elevated degree of attitude of modernity that revived the old looks. Now is the time for other ancient trends to follow suit, and most Natalya this season will be pattern and print play.
No less than 2 years ago, mixing up a plaid shirt and a polka dot tie would be faux pas, even a stripe with another stripe was somewhat frowned upon. Those days (thankfully) are long gone, and adventurism is all the rage. Spring typically brings designers to make just about everything with a bold print, so why not experiment with the goods at your disposal.
There are two-ways to tackle this look expertly, either through tonal combinations or complementary colors. Tonal styles were all the rage in the fall and there's no reason it can't continue into the spring, only this time, lighter and more festive shades will do you well this season. As with complementary colors, the ones that sit across from the color wheel from each other, a cornflower blue floral tie with a coral geo-block shirt will throw everyone for a stylish loop.
Check in tomorrow for some exciting new tech and next Monday for further fashion trend insight for the coming months!